• Unreal Engine
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Zbrush
  • Headus UV Layout

Badenbrook Village

The Town of Badenbrook is a fictional town that I created for use in a Dungeon’s & Dragon’s campaign. Based on Feudal European architecture found commonly in Germany. This town is one of the central locations for travel in this campaign. This central trade town is filled with all types of craftsman and working guilds and is filled with markets. The banners show the praise of the god Pelor. All traffic from the capital city of Haestone must travel through this town.
The focus of this project was to create a 3D environment based on a location that is currently used in my Dungeon’s & Dragon’s campaign. I wanted to progress my ability on creating modular 3D environments while being able to tie something that is relevant to me, into my current work.

Development Process Screenshots

The creation of this scene went through a lot of iterations. I have decided to show some of the major milestone points that sum up the majority of the changes over time. Starting with the initial object and structure placement using module components.

Concept overlay pass, providing some ideas to how I wanted the scene to be dressed and what it may look like as a final render.

First Lighting and Texturing Pass

Second Lighting and Texturing Pass