• Unreal Engine
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Zbrush
  • Headus UV Layout

Checkpoint: Bravo

Was my first trial of set dressing and asset creation. Heavily inspired by the game “The Division” I wanted to create an environment that appeared to be what a checkpoint or quarantine (setup by a governing power) may look like in the event of some form of catastrophic viral, fungal or bacterial infection.

Development Process

Starting this project was difficult for me as it was my first attempt at a large scale scene. Initially my scene consisted of a large structure surrounding a military style checkpoint in from of the building. I felt that I would not have been able to finish this scene in a timely manner with the knowledge I had at the time of the creation of this piece. I began focusing on smaller props and objects that could be re-used to create a scene without needing a large environment.

This scene was the next iteration of the project, after realizing that my original scene size was a little larger then I could manage at the time. I reduced the scene down to a small focus area. Working closely on creating assets that could be used to create the scene without the need of large models. I also was able to work with some new modeling techniques. The primary technique I learned about was the maya nCloth tool. Using this tool, I was able to create the large tents in the scene.

Lighting pass #3 – Focus on framing the scene and creating a narrative with my environment.

Lighting pass #4 – The change from day time scene to a nighttime scene and the overall development of story and props.