What is Iron Horizon?

Iron Horizon is a third person, aerial, action adventure game set in a diesel-punk world on the verge of collapse.In order to preserve what little civilization is left, humans designed colossal flying war machines called dreadnoughts to harvest the last fertile lands on Earth. Our game takes place in the skies dominated by these machines.

Dawn the armor of an airborne warrior, who uses jet powered chainsaw wings to tear apart his enemies.

With your newly forged wings, the fight can be brought to the skies to bring down the dreadnoughts once and for all.


The player’s suit is equipped with jet powered chainsaw wings that allow them to rip and tear through their enemies and environment. These wings grant you the ability to glide and boost through the world, and can be retracted to send you into a free fall.

However, using your chainsaw abilities come at a cost: fuel.

Depleting your supply of diesel will force you to land and engage targets on the ground. While grounded, the game becomes a brutal fight for survival, but not all is lost. You are equipped with a lethal, 2 foot long, wrist-mounted diesel siphon, which can be used to drain enemies and fuel tanks of their supply. While on the ground, the player can also pick up the weapons of defeated enemies to use their arsenal against them. Guns act as temporary buffs rather than permanent upgrades; they come with little ammo, and can be thrown back at enemies once depleted.

Once fueled up, the player can bring the fight back to the skies and in order to bring down the dreadnought.

The Enemies

Each dreadnought carries a battle-ready crew that will fight until the last breath in order to keep their ship airborne. Enemies come in all shapes and sizes, from basic ground infantry to multi-crewed gunships that are armed to the teeth.

The dreadnought itself is a three dimensional, living, moving playground of game play opportunity and the very enemy you must destroy. To bring down this war machine, you must dismantle vital parts of the ship in order to reach the center of it’s hull to destroy the engine.

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